Julio offers his collection of Mexico’s finest. Try one, or try them all! (1 oz)
Thursdays 1/2 price ALL tequila!

Blanco (B) distilled blue weber agave, unaged, right out of the still
Gold/Mixto (G) silver tequila with caramel added
Reposado (R) “rested” in oak barrels for a minmum of two months
Anejo (A) “aged” in oak barrels for minimum 1 year
Tequila Superior (S)
Flavoured (F)
Mezcal (M)  similar to tequila, distilled from any agave plant

Olmeca Silver (B) 7.5
El Jimador Reposado (R) 8
El Jimador Silver (B) 8
Olmeca Blanco (B) 8
Sauza Blanco (B) 8
Olmeca Gold (G) 8

Olmeca Altos Reposado (R) 10
Hornitos Reposado (R) 10
Espolon Blanco (B) 10
El Tequileno Reposado (R) 10
Jose Cuervo Gold (G) 10
Cazadores Anejo (R) 10
Jaral De Berrio (M) 10

1800 Reposado (R) 12.5
Herradura Silver (B) 12.5
Corralejo Reposado (R) 12.5
Teremana (B) 12.5
Hornitos Black Barrel (A) 12.5

Cabo Wabo Blanco (B) 15
Herradura Reposado (R) 15
Patron Silver (B) 15
Casamigos Blanco (B) 15
El Tequileno Platino (B) 15

1921 Reserva Anejo (A) 15
1800 Cristalino (A) 15

Cabo Wabo Reposado (R) 15
Casamigos Reposado (R) 15
Clase Azul Blanco (B) 20
Don Julio Reposado (R) 18
Herradura Anejo (A) 18

Padre Silver (B) 20

Casamigos Anejo (A) 25
Clase Azul Reposado (R) 40
Don Julio 1942 (S) 55
Patron Platinum (S) 40
Jose Cuervo Reserva Familia (S) 30
Herradura Seleccion (S) 60

Flavoured Tequila
1800 Coconut (F) 10
La Pinta Pomegranate (F) 10
Senor Premium Almendrado (F) 10
1921 Crema de Tequila (F) 10

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